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Lets Encrypt Scripts

Public Git URL:

By: Brielle Bruns

These are various scripts to make LetsEncrypt easier to use.


Main Scripts - Main script to make it easy to generate LE certs for domain(s) - Script to add LE cert to a Unifi controller

Support Files

DSTROOTCAX3.txt - Root CA cert for use with the script (now optional and unneeded as the cert is embedded)

apache-le-alias.conf - Use with apache for LE well-known alias config

apache-le-proxy.conf - Use with apache for LE well-known proxy config

How To Use

  1. Do initial cert generation: -e -d -d
  2. Put in /etc/cron.weekly/renew-unifi-ssl if everything works okay:

     /path/to/script/ -r -d -d
  3. Script will now run weekly and renew the certificate if necessary ( < 30 days remain) and restart unifi only if cert has been renewed.