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2016-02-19 21:18:14 -07:00
Lets Encrypt Scripts
Public Git URL: https://source.sosdg.org/brielle/lets-encrypt-scripts
By: Brielle Bruns <bruns@2mbit.com>
These are various scripts to make LetsEncrypt easier to use.
Main Scripts
gen-cert.sh - Main script to make it easy to generate LE certs for domain(s)
gen-unifi-cert.sh - Script to add LE cert to a Unifi controller
Support Files
DSTROOTCAX3.txt - Root CA cert needed for use with the gen-unifi-cert.sh script
apache-le-alias.conf - Use with apache for LE well-known alias config
apache-le-proxy.conf - Use with apache for LE well-known proxy config