Fix typos with config backups

Brie Bruns 2018-05-13 20:12:46 -06:00
parent c399a2940d
commit c6195a1517
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@ -158,10 +158,10 @@ echo "Preparing ISO file required by cloud-init..."
xorriso -in_charset utf8 -outdev configuration.iso -volid cidata -joliet on -rockridge on -map output/user-data user-data -map output/meta-data meta-data
# keep a backup of the files for future reference
if [[ "${BACKUP_ISO_FILE}" == "yes" ]]; then
cp user-data ${hostname}.user-data
cp meta-data ${hostname}.meta-data
chmod 640 ${hostname}.user-data ${hostname}.meta-data
if [[ "${BACKUP_ISO_FILES}" == "yes" ]]; then
cp ${WORKING_DIR}/output/user-data ${WORKING_DIR}/backups/${hostname}.user-data
cp ${WORKING_DIR}/output/meta-data ${WORKING_DIR}/backups/${hostname}.meta-data
chmod 640 ${WORKING_DIR}/backups/${hostname}.user-data ${WORKING_DIR}/backups/${hostname}.meta-data
# copy ISO into libvirt's directory
cp configuration.iso ${POOL_PATH}/${hostname}.${domain}.configuration.iso