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Author: Brielle Bruns <>
License: GPLv3
Installation is easy. Copy this directory to /etc and name
it firewall-sosdg. Edit options.default, rename to options,
edit postrun and add anything you want to run after the firewall
is up (such as fail2ban), edit tweaks if needed, edit port-forwards
if needed as well.
Then, its a matter of running /etc/firewall-sosdg/rc.firewall and
your firewall is active until next reboot or the tables are flushed.
If you are stupid and didn't edit options... Well, you will be locked
out of your own system from the network.
Hope you read this before running rc.firewall!
[Update 7/14/2010]
You can now place custom rules in at specific points of the firewall
rule loading. See include/README for more details.
[Update 10/6/2010]
I've made some major changes as of 0.9.8, so please make sure
you are using a compatible config file. When in doubt, copy
options.default to options and start over.
This is a script in progress, and is nowhere near complete. If you
find obvious bugs or have a patch to add new features/remove bugs,
please send them to me.
[Update 10/13/2010] - 0.9.9
If you are upgrading from pre 0.9.9 config, please either run 'make config_update'
or 'tools/convert-config' to update your config file with the variable changes for IPV6